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*We have recently relocated to Atlanta, GA, and are undergoing new licensing and permits.*

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Dynamic health requires a natural, well-rounded, holistic approach. The human body has been studied extensively throughout the ages, and during that time we have learned a few simple truths. For vibrant health and longevity, we need ENR-G: Exercise, Nutrition, Rest, and Guidance. The following links explore the vital role each of these play and simple ways to incorporate these basic needs into daily life.

At Vi Holistic Health & Training Center, we offer one-on-one, results-driven, Mind & Body Fitness Training along with Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. These two services are combined into a single session for a revitalizing boost to your health.  All sessions are custom-tailored to ensure you accomplish your health and fitness goals safely and efficiently. To find out more about our services, click on the image below!

Train anywhere, anytime, without a single piece
of equipment! Portable training program printed
on a deck of playing cards, designed specifically
for Mixed Martial Artists, Combat Troops, Law
Enforcement, High-Performance Athletes,and
anyone looking to boost their personal POWER!

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